ICO Supervision – Israeli Regulators to Form Token Sale Study Committee

Regulators in Israel have formed a new committee to study the applicability of domestic securities laws to initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Published today, the development sees the Israeli Securities Authority panel putting together recommendations for potentially regulating ICOs. A report containing those recommendations sometime before the end of December. Officials working on the committee will also look into the approaches taken by other regulators worldwide, as well as the “the enforceability of securities laws in this area,” among other subjects.

Just last week, regulators in Canada released a staff noticing outlining how that, under its view, some blockchain-based tokens count as securities. Simultaneously, the Canada Securities Administrators (CSA) struck a proactive note and encouraged companies planning an ICO to reach out to the body. Some other regulators, including those in Singapore and the US, have also uncovered their plans for regulating ICOs. Like Canada, their general stance is that while some token sales qualify as securities offerings, others – particularly tokens that have some kind of independent utility – do not.

It’s a noteable development as well given that the country plays home to several startups that have pursued or are planning to raise funds through the model. Perhaps most notable among those is Bancor, which raised more than $150 million through a token sale in June. To date, it is estimated that nearly $2 billion has been raised through ICOs.

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