Do not take Cold Calls from Binary Brokers

If you’ve been cold called about an binary options investment opportunity, chances are it’s very risky or a scam.

The safest thing to do is hang up.

How do I know it’s a cold calls?

A cold call is usually unexpected, from someone you don’t know and is usually about a binary options trading opportunity you have not previously expressed any interest in.

Some firms may disguise a cold call by sending you (or saying they have sent you) uninvited emails or promotional brochures, or by suggesting that they are calling in response to an expression of interest from you.

What if I gave my contact details online?

Even if you have provided your contact details to a firm – you might have done this by filling in a form on a binary options broker website – if the call is unexpected it is still a cold call.

You should be suspicious of any cold calls and check our Binary Options Watchdog Warning List to see if they are a firm about which we have known concerns.

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